Accelerator Sensors - B

Accelerator Sensors - B

Model: B

Measurement Environment: ±50G, DC to 550Hz

Applications: High overload resistance with integrated electronics

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This is just one example of the Seika capacitive spring mass accelerometers we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

The sensors B1, B2 and B3 are capacitive spring-mass accelerometers with integrated electronics. Resonant peaks are minimized by special gas-dynamic damping in the primary transformer. The sensors are manufactured with an analog DC output. The sensor electronics require only small amounts of power and are in conjunction with the capacitive primary transformer characterized by low error and high long-term stability.

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The accelerometers B1, B2 and B3 are used for applications requiring high overload tolerance, high long-term stability, small lower cut-off frequency down to measurement of static acceleration, very short on-transition delay and low power consumption. Typical applications include:

  • measurements on vehicles, machinery, buildings and plants for process control and error diagnosis
  • seismic measurements  
  • inclination measurements
  • safety engineering
  • dynamic measurement of position and velocity

B Accelerometers Technical Specifications



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