ASQ-D Servo Type Acceleration Transducer

ASQ-D Servo Type Acceleration Transducer

Model: ASQ-D

Measurement Environment: ±5G, DC to 100Hz (200Hz on request)

Applications: Servo Accelerometer, Highly accurate.

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This is just one example of a Kyowa strain gauge acceleration transducer we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

Highly sensitive measurement of minute vibration. Most suitable for vibration measurement of vehicles, structures and the ground

  • Acceleration measurement in a range of DC to 100 Hz is possible. (If desired, a model covering a range of DC to 300 Hz is available.)
  • Compact and lightweight while ensuring high accuracy and high output

Unlike conventional strain-gage acceleration transducers, the ASQ series acceleration transducers have a servomechanism that ensures accurate, stable and reliable measurement of minute vibration with high sensitivity. A dedicated VAQ signal conditioner is available as the mating instrument. Measuring targets include vibration generated by running vehicles, earthquake or wind in structures and the ground as well as general low-frequency vibration.​​​​​​​



With the basic structure shown, an applied acceleration displaces the weight from the neutral position. The displacement sensor detects the displacement quantity and sends via the servo amplifier the signal to the drive coil that is fixed to the weight support. When the signal current flows to the drive coil placed in a magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet, the electromagnetic force returns the weight to the original position. Since the current is proportional to the applied acceleration, a proportional voltage to the acceleration is output from both ends of the resistor inserted in the current loop



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