AS-GB Accelerometer

AS-GB Accelerometer

Model: AS-GB

Measurement Environment: ±20G, DC to (40 to 250Hz)

Applications: Compact and lightweight, Oil damped

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 This is just one example of a Kyowa strain gauge acceleration transducer we have available at Sensors  UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

Compact & Lightweight Easy to Use Suitable for Measurement of Vibration of Model Structures and in the Field of Human Engineering.

Using a strain gauge as the sensing element, AS-GA and AS-GB series acceleration transducers are designed to measure small levels of acceleration. The compact & lightweight design makes them widely used for measurement of vibration in small structures or scale models as well as in the field of human engineering. AS-GA series comes with hermetic terminal and AS-GB series are integrated with cable. A convenient mount base to facilitate installation.




Note: To install AS-GB, use CC-33A adhesive or optional mount base (See figures below). The acceleration transducer is subject to a constant acceleration in the direction of gravity, therefore measurement is restricted, taking into account this vertical movement (9.807 m/s2 ). For the AS-1GA/1GB, if sensitivity is set in line with the direction of gravity, then the rated capacity will be exceeded. As long as the safe overload rating is not exceeded, there will be no damage, but characteristics will be outside the guaranteed range.​​​​​​​



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