AS-TB Triaxial Acceleration Transducer

AS-TB Triaxial Acceleration Transducer

Model: AS-TB

Measurement Environment: ±50G, DC to (350 to 1kHz)

Applications: Tri-Axial, Compact and Lightweight.

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This is just one example of a Kyowa strain gauge acceleration transducer we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.


Compact and Lightweight Design
and Simultaneous Measurement
of Accelerations in X, Y, and Z

AS-TB series acceleration transducers have 3
incorporated acceleration transducers to measure
simultaneously 3 axial accelerations (X, Y and Z).
Because of little interference among each axes, these
series acceleration transducers enable accurate
measurement and be applied to acceleration analysis
of complex vibration phenomena.





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