Dynamic Strain Instruments

Dynamic strain measurement requires response, stability, SN ratio and high resistance against external noise. Kyowa’s dynamic strain measuring instruments satisfy these requirements with advanced technologies including high performance ICs, high-density circuits, CST (capacitance self-tracking) and thorough environmental tests.

In addition, measurements have recently become complicated and diverse; dynamic strain measuring equipment now requires versatile functions. The multi signal conditioner MCF-A series meets these requirements and therefore supports conditioner card usage with not only strain gauges and strain gauge-based transducers, but also thermocouples and frequency conversion type sensors, such as rotary encoders and piezoelectric sensors.

Depending on the bridge excitation, dynamic strain measuring instruments are classified as two types: AC and DC.  The AC type is a strain amplifier that is suitable for measuring small strain from strain gauges, while the DC type signal conditioners are for measuring large strain from transducers.

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Model Measurement Environment Applications
DPM-911 Strain Amplifier DC to 10kHz, I/O isolated, High Stability, High Accuracy Download
DPM-951 Strain Amplifier DC to 5kHz, Inverter Noise Reduction, Easy Operation Download
CDV-900 Signal Conditioner DC to 500kHz, DC amplifier function, constant voltage Download
CDA-900 Signal Conditioner DC to 500kHz, DC amplifier function, constant current Download
DA-710A DC Amplifier DC to 10kHz, I/O isolated, Max Measuring Voltage 110V Download
MCF-A Multi Signal Conditioner 8~16 channels, Strain or Thermocouple Download
CDV-400B Compact Signal Conditioner 6~16 channels, Strain,Voltage,Pulse, Potentiometer or LPF

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Dynamic Strain Instruments

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