Instrument Amplifiers

Kyowa’s instrumentation amplifiers are connected to widely used strain gauge based transducers such as load cells, pressure transducers etc. and enable us to monitor various physical quantities such as weight, force, pressure, displacement and torque.

A weighing system with load cells built in, or a system with pressure transducers are incorporated into various machine tools or industrial robots which are used in steel making, cement, foods, pharmaceutical and chemical industries for the purpose of measurement, monitoring or control on various tests.

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Model Measurement Environment Applications
WGA-900A High speed, Multi-function waveform Indictor Sampling 4000 times/s, Indicates waveform, Touch panel colour LCD, TEDS, SD card Download
WGA-680A General purpose high speed Indictor Sampling 4000 times/s, TEDS, Indicates ±-99999 digits 3-colour Download
WGA-710C General purpose Indictor Sampling 15 times/s, D/A-BCD and RS232C outputs Download
WGA-650B Load Indicator Sampling 4 times/s, D/A and BCD outputs Download
WGI-400A General purpose Indicator Sampling 50 times/s, Indicates ±-9999 digits, TEDS Download
WGI-470AS1 General Purpose Indicator Sampling 2000 times/s, Indicates ±99999 digits, TEDS, BCD-RS232C and RS485 outputs Download
WGA-120A Indicator for Built-In applications Frequency up to 500Hz, Carrier type, ±10V and 4~20mA output

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WGC-140A High speed Calculations Frequency to 150Hz, Max 4-channels, analogue output Download

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Instrument Amplifiers

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