NA Capacitive Sensor

NA Capacitive Sensor

Model: NA

Measurement Environment: ±5 ~ ±70º, <0.001Grad

Applications: Linear, Highly stable isolated electronics

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This is just one example of the capacitive, liquid-based inclinometers we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

Inclinometers with integrated 0...5 Voly signal conditioner for inclination measurement in the ranges of +5, +10, +30, +45, +70 degrees.


  • small size light weight
  • unconditioned operating voltage between 9V and 30V
  • linear output response
  • low power consumption
  • high measurement accuracy
  • protection against reverse supply voltage polarity
  • small zero drift
  • EMC certified CE certified
  • small cross sensitivity
  • no interference by surrounding electromagnetic fields
  • high long term stability - virtually infinite lifespan
  • shockproof as without moving mechanical parts
  • hysteresis-free output signal
  • hermetically sealed
  • integrated sensor electronics including signal conditioner and low-pass filter
  • sensor electrically isolated from point of measurement by high quality plastic housing – no ground connection
  • no data memory with memory loss
  • zero point adjustable through 360° using clamping ring
  • temperature compensated, conditioned 0...5V output signal
  • optional 5 Volt reference voltage output
  • highly stable internal voltage regulation


The capacitive, dielectric liquid based inclinometers NA2-05, NA2-10, NA3-30, NA4-45 and NA4-70 contain new sensor electronics. These are made up of a highly stable, laser-trimmed signal conditioner with electronic compensation for temperature drift, highly stable supply voltage regulation circuitry and low-pass filtering of the measurement signal to eliminate unwanted noise.

The capacitive measurement principle guarantees a very stable, linear relationship between the inclination being measured and the normalised output signal.

The sensor electronics require minimal power and, together with the capacitive primary transformer, are characterised by low errors, high signal-to-noise ratio and high long-term stability.

Contrary to measuring inclinations using accelerometers, this measurement principle enables a linear relationship between the inclination to be measured and the output signal, independent of the constant of gravity at the place of measurement, i.e. Independently of where the measurement is taking place, whether in Europe, Australia, on Mount Everest or the Moon.


The NA2, NA3 and NA4 can be used for measurements requiring small and light devices, replacability, measurement of relatively large inclinations and a normalised, analogue voltage output signal. Measurements of inclinations in measuring instruments and inspection equipment, in water, land and air vehicles, in automation and safety technology, on cranes and lifting equipment, on robots, in the manufacture of scientific equipment, in medicine and telecommunication as well as navigation systems are typical examples.

Shared Technical Specifications



  1. standard supply voltage
  2. optional externally regulated supply voltage
  3. reference voltage output (5.00 V) only optionally connected (for wire terminals only)

Each sensor will be delivered with individual calibration dates (offset, sensitivity) and calibration record. Technical Specifications of types NA2-05 and NA2-10.



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