NG360 Inclinometer

NG360 Inclinometer

Model: NG360

Measurement Environment: 360º, 0.01º

Applications: RS485 communications port and 360 degree measuring range

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This is just one example of the capacitive, liquid-based inclinometers we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

  • integrated 16bit microprocessor
  • minimal zero point drift
  • RS485 bus output signal
  • no interference by ambient electromagnetic fields
  • no measuring range limitation
  • shockproof as without moving mechanical parts
  • 0.01 degree resolution
  • hermetically sealed
  • minimal linearity deviation
  • sensor electrically isolated from point of measurement - no ground connection
  • high long-term stability
  • zero point adjustable through 360° using clamping ring
  • hysteresis free output signal
  • integrated temperature measurements rectify any temperature related measuring inaccuracies


The NG360 is a capacitive, liquid based inclinometer with integrated sensor electronics and 16 bit microprocessor. The measurement result is transmitted via a RS485 port for further processing. Up to 78 sensors can be operated using a single communications line.

The measurement method provides a linear relationship between the angle to be measured and the output signal. The determined angle is independent of the local gravitational acceleration, that means that no matter where the measurement is being taken, whether in Europe, Australia, on Mount Everest or on the moon, the inclination will be measured correctly anywhere. Temperature related inaccuracies are corrected by the integrated microprocessor.


The NG360 inclinometer is suitable for applications requiring the measurement of any angle for further processing on a PC.

Typical areas of application include construction, mining, vehicles, aircraft, ships, surveying equipment, and transportation and conveyor systems.







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