We offer a range of high performance digital indicators for measurement and control of process variables with direct indication in engineering units. You will find a wide range of features in our range including a ±32000 count display, signal linearization of up to 30 points, direct access to the setpoints programming and up to 36 user programmable remote logic functions. The programming software allows selection of the transducer type, input level and excitation voltage.

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Model Measurement Environment Applications
Pica-P Versatile and Low Cost ±10V DC, ±200V DC, ±20mA DC, ±100mV DC Download
Pica100-P Versatile and Low Cost ±10V DC, ±200V DC, ±20mA DC, ±100mV DC, 2 Relays @5A, RS485/4-20mA Download
Pica40-LP Versatile and Low Cost 4~20mA Loop Powered Download
Junior-P Simple and Economical Display ±10V DC, ±20mA DC, Potentiometer, Ohmmeter Download
Micra-M Multi-Function Display, Tri-Colour ±10V DC, ±20mA DC, Potentiometer Download
Alpha-P Advanced Digital Panel Meter ±10V DC, ±20mA DC, Potentiometer, Ohmmeter, Volume Calculation, Logarithm function Download
Beta-M Advanced Multi-Function Panel Meter Process variables (mV, V, or mA) Download
Beta-MP Advanced Multifunction Digital Panel Meter 8 programable memories of total configuration  Process variables (mV, V, or mA)

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Gamma-M Multifunction High Performance Display, 555 Readings / second Process variables (mV, V, or mA), 4 different supply voltages Download
Kappa-M High Performance Multifunction Display Process, Load, Poteniometer, 2 inputs, Function SQRT, programable logic functions Download

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