KCH Series Foil Strain Gauges With A Protector

KCH Series Foil Strain Gauges With A Protector

Model: KCH

Measurement Environment: Waterproof, Rugged

Applications: General Stress

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This is just one example of General Stress Strain Gauges we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

KCH Series Foil Strain Gauges With A Protector

The unique design simplifies gage bonding, wiring and moisture-proofing work in the field. In addition, the metal case protects the strain gage and significantly improves reliability compared with conventional gages. Using stud bolts and adhesive, the gages can be mounted to the bottom and side plate of tank for strain measurement, to a hopper or tank for weight measurement, to the shaft of a truck for tare weight measurement or in any similar applications where the gages need to be protected against moisture, water or small stones. (Patented)




Embedded Gauge KMP


Embedded in resin, the KMP gage measures cure-shrinkage and internal strain. The compact design enables embedment in shaped resins and is suitable for internal stress measurement of products made by combining epoxy resin and metal. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and commercialized by Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. KMP-8-H3-L100 120Ω Approx. 2.0 1 mm Model Gage resistance Gage factor Length of sensing element Apparent Young modulus Operating temperature range Built-in thermocouple Approx. 70 GPa (Approx. 7000 kgf/mm2) 20 to 150°C K (φ 0.1 mm)​​​​​​​

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