General-Purpose Foil Strain Gauges KFGT

General-Purpose Foil Strain Gauges KFGT

Model: KFGT

Measurement Environment: Strain and Temperature

Applications: General Stress with Temperature Probe

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This is just one example of General Stress Strain Gauges we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

General-Purpose Foil Strain Gauges KFGT

Uniaxial 3-wire system ​​​​​​:

  • Polyester-coated copper lead wire 1 m long each
  • Resistance: 120 Ω
  • Gauge factor: Approx. 2.1
  • Temperature sensor: T-type thermocouple
  • Accuracy: Within 1.5 °C

The KFGT gauges are foil strain gauges incorporating a T-type thermocouple for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature. They ensure not only effcient strain measurement under environments where temperature change or temperature gradient requires simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature but also highly precise compensation of thermally-induced apparent strain. It is recommended to use Kyowa data logger UCAM-60B as a mating instrument.

Applicable Adhesives and Operating Temperature Range after Curing

  • CC-33A: -10 to 120°C
  • CC-35: -10 to 120°C
  • CC-36: -10 to 100°C
  • EP-340: -10 to 120°C




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