KFWS Waterproof Strain Gauge

KFWS Waterproof Strain Gauge

Model: KFWS

Measurement Environment: Waterproof, Small Size

Applications: General Stress, Concrete and Mortar

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This is just one example of General Stress Strain Gauges we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

KFWS Series Small-Sized Waterproof Foil Strain Gauges

The KFWS series foil strain gauges are small-sized waterproof gauges suitable for outdoor or underwater strain measurement where gage bonding space is limited. The waterproof resin is as thin as 1.3 mm, making them flexible enough to be bonded to a curved surface of 10 mm diameter.

KFWS_waterproof_kyowa_strain_gauge1.pngKFWS_waterproof_kyowa_strain_gauge2-diagram (1).png

KCW Series Weldable Waterproof Foil Strain Gauges

The KCW series foil strain gauges are weldable gauges, which do not require any coating treatment for use under high pressure or under water. They are available in 2 types: G10 with 1 gage and G14S with 4 gages. The G10 type endures a water pressure of approximately 10 MPa.

uKFWS_waterproof_kyowa_strain_gauge3 (1).png

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