KMC & KC Embedded Strain Gauges

KMC & KC Embedded Strain Gauges

Model: KMC

Measurement Environment: Embedded Strain, Self Shrinkage

Applications: Concrete and Mortar

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This is just one example of General Stress Strain Gauges we have available at Sensors UK. Please contact us to discuss the wider options available.

KM Series Embedded Strain Gauges

The KM series gages are designed to be embedded in mortar or concrete for the purpose of measuring the internal stress. To ensure better adhesion to mortar or the like, the KM series gages feature a specially treated surface. They also provide suitable waterproofness and elastic modulus for the intended purpose.

Operating Temperature Range –10 to 70°C

Types, lengths and codes of lead wire cables pre-attached to KM gauges


When ordering, suffix the lead wire cable code (see table above) to the model number with a space in between - e.g KM- 120- 120-H2- 11 W5M3 for a gauge with a vinyl-coated flat 3-wire cable 5m long.




KMC Series Concrete-Embedded Strain Gauges

The KMC series gauges are designed to measure self-shrinkage and self-stress of cemented materials. They enable measurement of the self-shrinkage and high-fluidity concrete immediately after placing. They are also used effectively to check for cracks of cemented materials. Usually, a T-type thermocouple is installed near the gauge, while the KMC series gauges of H4 type do not require such the installation since they are equipped with a built-in thermocouple.




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