Specialist Applications

Standard strain gauges are sometimes not suitable in certain environments or with difficult applications, but with over 50 years’ experience Kyowa can offer a number of specialist solutions. 

Our Newest gauge now allows stable measurements to be taken within a Hydrogen gas environment under high-pressure, which was not possible before.  Other examples of our specialist gauges include use within AC magnetic fields, within high pressure vessels, within bolts for tension and gauges for measuring crack propagation.

If you cannot find a gauge for your application, however onerous please do contact our sales team for help.

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Model Measurement Environment Applications
KFG-C20 Axial Tension of Bolts Axial Tension in Bolts Download
KFV Hydrogen Gas Foil gauge for hydrogen gas environments Download
KFN High Magnetic Fields Non-inductive foil gauge, DC/AC magnetic fields Download
KFH High Magnetic Fields Measurement under DC magnetic fields, high temperature Download
KFR High Magnetic Fields Measurement under DC magnetic fields, middle temperature Download
KFL High Magnetic Fields Measurement under DC magnetic fields, low temperature Download
KFS High Electric Fields Shielded foil gauge, measurement under high electric fields Download
KFF Internal Strain Used where bonding cannot take place inside structure Download
KV Crack Gauge Measurement of the progression and propagation of cracks Download
KFG-T Residual Stress Installation by cutting method Download
KFG-D28 Residual Stress Insatllation by boring method Download

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Specialist Applications

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