Data Loggers

Data loggers are designed to measure static strain, a phenomenon where the strain changes slowly or not at all. As seen in load tests of large-scale structures, static strain is often measured in several hundred channels and under dozens of load conditions.

Data loggers are available in 2 types: stand-alone and PC-controlled. Both are ideal for automatic multi-channel measurement as intelligent expandable systems. A data logger can stably measure microvolt signals in strain/stress for indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Simultaneous measurement of various static variables including stress/strain, load, pressure, acceleration, displacement, torque and temperature
  • Visual presentation of the progressive status of measurement
  • Unattended measurement
  • Compact and lightweight solutions
  • Efficient measurement and data collection though internet or Ethernet LAN
Model Measurement Environment Applications
UCAM-60B PC-Controlled Data Logger Max 1000chanels, resolution to 0.1 µm/m Download
UCAM-550A Synchronous sampling, fast measurment Synchronous measurement of 1000 channels, max 50/s Download
NTB-500A Medium Speed Network terminal box Synchronous measurment at 1kHz, one wire connection Download
NTB-100 Network terminal box Digitization of field measurement Download
SME-30A 1-channel Hand-Held Palm size handy data logger Download
SME-100A 30-channel Hand-Held Palm size handy data logger Download

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Data Loggers

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